Woolworths Junior Blaster Program & Master Blaster Program

Woolworths Junior Blasters and Master Blasters Program

Registrations are open for our Junior Blasters programme and our Master Blasters programme for 2021/22. 

The Woolworths Junior Blasters programme is Australia’s entry level cricket participation program that has been the first step on the cricket pathway for hundreds of thousands of Australian girls and boys over the past 20 years.

The Junior Blasters program teaches girls and boys the skills to play Australia's favourite sport, through fun game based activities.
This program is aimed at kids (aged 5 to 7) and runs for 10 weeks (with a Christmas break in between) and the objective is to introduce children to the game of cricket. They will be taught the basic skills of the game using structured activities with an emphasis on having fun. The program covers a range of fundamental childhood development motor skills including hitting a ball, catching, throwing, running, stopping, balance and co-ordination. We cater for different levels of individual skill and age.

Our Junior Blast Coordinators are trained volunteers, devoted to ensuring your kids have a fun and safe experience. The activities are designed to be inclusive, action-packed and fun! They are well organised and help kids to develop social skills, physical fitness, sportsmanship and basic cricket knowledge. The format allows parents and coaches to interact with participants throughout, ensuring the skills of the game are taught in a fun, safe and healthy environment.

Again this season Ormond Cricket Club will host the Junior Blasters program on Saturday mornings starting in November.

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Many of our current junior players have been through the Junior Blasters (previously MILO in2Cricket) programme that is run by parents with the support of the club co-ordinators. It is similar to the Auskick model with volunteers a key part of the program. Many parents in the past have enjoyed their involvement with their young children’s cricket development.

The primary focus with this age group is to provide a positive, enjoyable introduction to the game of cricket using a variety of activities which develop basic cricket skills, provide physical fitness and encourage social interaction and team building. Participants are taught specific skills including holding the bat, catching, throwing and basic bowling and batting techniques. Children are encouraged to practice at home and watch cricket on the television to get a basic understanding of the game.

General information about Junior Blasters is available at the following website:-

When: Saturdays 9am to 10.30am from 23rd October 2021 to 5th March 2022 (with Christmas break 25th December to January 29th)

Where: Ormond Cricket Club (E E Gunn Reserve) – Corner Malane Street and Beatty Crescent, Ormond.

Cost: $99 – all payments must be made online through HERE

A Junior Blasters Cricket Pack T-shirt with your name on it (click here for a sizing chart)

Bucket hat in your choice of Big Bash team colour

Personalised Plastic bat

Rubber ball

Sticker sheet

Welcome note and sticker

Woolworths Cricket Blast Passport

  • All Equipment Provided
  • 12 Sessions a year
  • Parent Participation
  • Accredited Coaches
  • Cricket Skills Training
  • Fun Activities
Training/Practice Fun, safe activities that focus on developing fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, hitting, throwing, etc.
Game Type Junior Blasters
Ball Yellow Safety Ball & Plastic Bats
Protective Equipment None Required
Boundary Not Applicable
Overs/Duration 60 minute active sessions 
Innings All players to be involved through the skill workstations
Team Groups with modified games
Batting Batting Tees may be used
Fielding Rotation of fielders. No fielders within 10 metres of batter
Pitch Length Flexible to suit the standard of bowlers and batter (approx. 13 to 16m)
Dismissals No 

Frequently Asked Questions for Junior Blasters

Woolworths Master Blasters

Registrations are open for Ormond’s Master Blasters Programme for in 2021/22.

Master Blasters is the new era of junior cricket – It’s fast, fun, quick, active, energetic and dynamic – everything kids are looking for in entertainment. Master Blasters has been developed to ensure junior cricketers can progress with confidence from Master Blasters to competitive club cricket competitions. It is also designed to inspire boys and girls to keep playing cricket and follow the game.

Master Blasters is a modified game format for children aged 7-10 years, played on a smaller ground with a reduced pitch length. A coin/bat toss determines which team bats first and each team has 8 players per side (Up to 10 players may participate but only eight may bat and bowl. One player must be nominated to bat only and one nominated to bowl only. 10 may rotate as fielders.) No protective equipment is required except for wicket-keepers who wear a helmet with a grill when keeping up to the stumps. No fielder is allowed within 10 metres of the bat until after the ball is hit. This excludes the wicket-keeper and slips.

REGISTRATION & PAYMENT : For Master Blasters you can register online by clicking below:
Register for Master Blaster NOW Register for Master Blaster NOW

If you have any questions you can contact the Blasters Coordinator Tanja Curtis on

The 10-week program gives girls and boys the chance to play exciting games of T20 cricket! Up to 80 girls and boys play simultaneous games of T20 on the one field. With only eight players per team, all participants have greater involvement in the game and T20 Blast games are much shorter than traditional games of cricket, with each session lasting between 60 and 75 minutes. The format allows parents and coaches to interact with participants throughout, ensuring the skills of the game are taught in an explosive, action-packed session. 

Master Blaster Participant Packs

A players cap in your choice of Big Bash team colour

Woolworths Cricket Blast Passport

When: Every Saturday 9am to 10.30am 

Starts: 23rd October 2021 to 18th December then resumes February 5th to March 5th

Where: Ormond Cricket Club (E E Gunn Reserve) – Corner Malane Street and Beatty Crescent, Ormond.

Cost: $99

Woolworths Master Blast bridges the gap between the Junior Blast program and junior club cricket (that starts at under 12 level) at Ormond Cricket Club. The aim of Master Blast is to:

  1. Introduce junior cricketers to competition
  2. Continue to develop skills and techniques learned at the Junior Blast (previously Milo In2Cricket)
  3. Maximise participation for all participants
  4. Increase kids passion for the game of cricket
Description Woolworths Master Blast
Target 7-10 year olds
Location Multiple games on a single ground at same weekly location
Team Sizes Eight players per team
Time Frame 60 to 75 minutes per game
Game Length 16 overs per innings
Pitch Length 18 metres
Pitch Type Grass outfield
Ground Size 40 metres from batting end stumps
Ball ‘Incrediball’
Equipment Provided
Batting Pairs bat for four overs each
Bowling All bowlers bowl two overs from the same end
Fielding 10 metre exclusion zone

Frequently Asked Questions for T20 Master Blast

Registration and Payment

For Junior Blast (5-7 year olds) you can register online by clicking HERE

For Master Blast (8 year olds) you can register online by clicking HERE
If you have any questions you can contact us via email

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